Luck Wheel Spin

Luck Wheel Spin
*All users
  • To be eligible for the Lucky Wheel Spin, your deposit must have at least 250 MVR and multiples of 250. One chance can be obtained for 400 MVR, while two chances can be obtained for 500 MVR. A deposit of 100 MVR and 150 MVR will result in no chance. Deposit bonuses and cash bonusses are not eligible for Lucky Wheel Spin chances.
  • You are unable to get any Spin opportunities backwards.
  • The use of other prizes on the Lucky Wheel cannot be combined with any Lucky Wheel prize. The prizes will be automatically added to your winning record by the system. (With the exception of tangible rewards)

Prizes List:

  1. Honda Airblade
  2. iPhone 14Pro
  3. Cash Bonuses ( 16.000 MVR, 8.000 MVR, 5.000 MVR, 2.500 MVR, 1.000 MVR, 500 MVR, 250 MVR, 100 MVR, 50 MVR, 25 MVR, 15 MVR, 10 MVR, 5 MVR)
  4. FreeSpin ( 250 Free Spin, 100 Free Spin, 25 Free Spin, 10 Free Spin )
  5. Luck Wheel ( 10 Lucky Wheel spinning chances, 5 Lucky Wheel spinning chances)
  • Instantly and directly adds bonus cash to the main balance. To claim a bonus, the main balance must be rolled 3 times to obtain all cash bonuses.
  • *To play rollover 6 times in baccarat and Crash Games, you must do it once. ***
  • *Bets not placed in two-way games are exempted from casino rollover.
  • The winning prize should be requested from Live Support if the item is available.
  • The account of members who violate TomiClub general terms and conditions and use this bonus to gain unfair profits may be suspended and closed by Tomi Club.
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